RE/MAX Dazzle located at 75 Monument Road in Kempton Park is the most successful real estate group in Kempton Park. It is currently home to more than 120 full-time real estate professionals, many being former owners of real estate companies looking to establish themselves under the number one real estate brand in the world. Currently, RE/MAX Dazzle does more than 38% of all the sales in Kempton Park and accounts for about 25% of the total number of agents operating in the area. This is significant because 25% of the people are doing almost 40% of the business.
RE/MAX Dazzle has been recognized as the Number 1 single RE/MAX Office in South Africa for the past seven years in a row. In 2016 and 2017 it was recognized as the number one real estate office in the world by number of closed transactions. Year to date RE/MAX Dazzle is still the number one office in the Central Region (Gauteng) and Nationally as well. We believe this to be a remarkable achievement for an office in Kempton Park. The RE/MAX group is the largest real estate group in Southern Africa and also does the most number of transactions in the country. RE/MAX is one of the ten most recognized brands in the world and is in the company of firms like Mc Donald’s and Coke.